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On this page, there are some links to other good information regarding Occupational wellness, and stress in general.  We have used much of these sites for our own information as well as for assignments, and have found them to be helpful.


Stress UK

“For all those interested in personal & occupational stress management.”

This is a very good resources not only to occupational stress, but stress in general and bullying in the workplace.  It provides many links to specialists and organizations that can help those suffering from poor occupational stress levels.  There is also an internet bookshop on publications relating to occupational stress.


College Health In America

This page displays an amazing amount of information on workplace wellness, including everything from how to write a resumé, to sexual harassment.  Bill Hettler, MD, is in charge of this site.  He has gathered many very good sources, and should be very helpful to any questions regarding the workplace.



The Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s web site.  This is the #1 source for any information or safety concerns in the workplace.  Listed on the site, are recent concerns posted about different companies, and also about different organizations.  There is an amazing amount of information available, and should be one of the first places to run to, should you have any questions about your stress or wellness at work.  Also includes information about the recent anthrax concerns in the workplace in the Occupational safety section.



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