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Your General



            Your general wellness is comprised of 7 parts: 





















          Each one of these components is connected.  In this case occupational wellness has a relationship with each of the other 6 components that make up your general lifestyle.  Poor occupational wellness can cause problems with your personal environment.  If you become stressed at work or school, you will be much more short tempered and you will be much more uncomfortable being around people like family.  This is tied very closely to social wellness.  If you are very irritable and nervous and stressed, chances are that you may say something, or do something that you wouldn’t normally do.  This can be good or bad, and you may end up hurting someone’s feelings.  The social wellness connects to the emotional well-being.  Stress can play a negative role in your social life, which can then affect the way that you feel about yourself and others. 

Your occupational stress can then cause many spiritual problems such as depression (see types of OW), or anxiety.  Lastly, poor occupational health can lead to many intellectual problems.  As said in other sections of this site, the more stressed you are, the less likely you are to concentrate of the task at hand.  This applies to school (i.e. tests, homework, and projects), as well as work (i.e. deadlines, quality of work).  This diagram is simply a demonstration of how important Occupational Health really can be.  If you are feeling overly stressed at work, you may want to rethink what you are doing, and try to take things a little at a time, because it really can affect all aspects of your life, not just one or two!


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