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††††††††††† This Web site is a project for our Health and Wellness class at Chesapeake Community College in Wye Mills, Md, instructed by Mrs. Carol Wilson-Robbins, M.A.We are currently studying the different forms of wellness and how they affect our lives.We hope that this site has provided an idea of what occupational wellness is, and can lead you to some helpful resources if you did not find the information here.If you have any questions donít hesitate to email me.My name is D. J. Van Bourgondien, and my email is


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~Wellness Home~

††††† Occupational Wellness (OW)-

What is it?


Types of OW-

What kinds of Occupational Wellness are there?


Your general Wellness-

How can other components of Wellness affect your Occupational stress levels?



Links to other good information.


Our Sources-

††††† Where we found OUR information.