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Types of OW:



There are two major types of occupational wellness.  The main factor we think about when we hear the word “occupational” is our jobs.  Obviously, most people suffer from poor wellness because of their jobs.  High level stress, at work can be both dangerous, and very physically tiring. 

          Occupational stress is hard to avoid at work, but it is easy to tell when it is getting to be too much to handle.  If there are ever times that it is hard to concentrate, or focus on your work, it has gotten out of hand.  It is actually a fact that if you are stressed and are trying to work, that you will actually be less productive, because you are more concerned about either getting your work done on time, or pleasing a superior.  If this stress is not controlled, and continues for long periods of time, it can cause numerous health problems and diseases.  Overwhelming yourself at work not only “burns” you out, but can also cause migraines, heart attacks, depression, or even diabetes. 

          Another type of occupational wellness has to do with students.  This is probably a very controversial argument.  Many times, students try to “cram” for a test or stay up all night studying for a test because they feel so pressured to get a good grade.  This pressure comes not only from themselves trying to striving for the grade, but often times they are trying to please the teacher and their parents.  This is very understandable because we all want to impress the people around us and do good academically, but there is also such thing as studying too hard.  School pressures are probably a little bit more intense than that at a workplace.  This form of occupational wellness works in a chain effect.  The student first receives the assignment at school.  As time goes on and either a test or project presentation gets closer, the student becomes much more nervous and stressed.  During this time, we usually find ourselves either putting the work off to the last minute (which is a controllable factor in school stress; also known as procrastination), or taking things a day at a time and working little by little on our assignment.  This is normal, we have all procrastinated and there is nothing we can do about our work that we are given.  However, it is then the next part of the chain that causes the stress.  If the student finds themselves up late studying because they are so worried about their grade, they are going to be tired the next day during the test, and they are also going to be a little less likely to concentrate. 

          To avoid this, as well as poor occupational health at work, we must take things one day at a time, working on things little by little.  If things start piling up, stress will most definetly occur.  One thing to remember is that the majority of the stress we have to manage, is self-made.  Poor time management can often make us seem more stressed than what we really are, or what we could be.  Most stress is made in our own minds.  Optimal occupational wellness can easily be reached if we can avoid making stress for ourselves. 



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